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At Hornercoaching we serve clients in small, medium, and large size businesses across a variety of industries.

We are here to assist you to:

  • Break out of the “No Growth Trap”
  • Pursue new Business Adventures
  • Connect you with Expansion Capital

Breaking Out of the “No-Growth Trap”

If you are a small or medium size business that needs additional funding you have come to the right place.

dead_endYou have the business know how, strategies, motivation, and have already achieved a level of success with your endeavors and now you want to move to the next level.

Our expertise spans many industries. We bring solid experience, skills, and credentials to help our clients address specific challenges and achieve the results they expect.

Pursue New Business Adventures

capital_growth_circlePerhaps you have a successful business and want to branch out into a second business and need funding.  You are asking, where will I find or who will I find that will fund my project?

Many management teams these days find themselves in intense debates over a pressing question. There is cash available on the company’s balance sheet right now.  But is there enough to expand our present operation or should we start up a new business adventure?

Whether investing in expansion or a new business adventure it will be necessary to have a solid financial support.

Connect With Expansion Capital

Growth investments encounter obstacles of their own.  Sometimes the CFO reports back that the proposals do not make economic sense.   But on the other hand, you as the owner see the potential markets, whether in expansion or investment in new growth.

puzzleAt Hornercoaching we can help clients to make clear business plans, or to challenge and test existing plans and projections by finding answers to questions such as:

  • What is my business worth?
  • How much cash does my business/project need to raise?
  • What are the options to make my business more profitable, and which one should I focus on?

We will help you to bring fresh insight to your challenges.  We will connect you with new Expansion Capital at exceptional rates and terms.  Our presentation is simple, clear, in plain English, for the maximum benefit of our clients.

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