Why Is Loyalty Important?


Every important relationship in life must be built on loyalty.  Marriages must be based on this quality, or they will not survive.  Leaders look for this quality as a primary qualification for those who serve.  Most of all, God requires loyalty of those who follow Him.

When we think of Loyalty our minds go back to teaching our children on how to be faithful to one another.

Character sketch booksWe used different methods but one that does stand out in our mind was our daily time together around a book called, “Character Sketches“.  It is a series of 3 books produced by an organization call, Institute in Basic Life Principles.

These books have a focus on character qualities demonstrated by first an animal and also a Bible character who demonstrated this character quality.

The character quality of Loyalty was demonstrated by the Canadian Goose.  The Canadian Goose will go through snow storms during migration.  Survive the fall hunting season.  Goose hunters are very serious about bagging a big goose for their Thanksgiving dinner in Canada during the month of October.

However, in the event that one of the partners does get shot the surviving partner will never mate again.  It is a life-long commitment to one partner.

Example of Family Loyalty . . .

Today our daughter Ruth findCanadian Gooses it necessary to fly to Toronto for a medical appointment because of some new results in her cancer diagnosis.  Who is by her side and making sure all goes well; her sister Rachelle.  Rachelle’s love and loyalty has grown for her family over the years and what an honour it is as parents to observe and take joy in the ways it has been demonstrated.

Good Relationships take Loyalty . . .

Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada says:

“We were not put here to see through each other.  We were put here to see each other through.”

But, to see each other through we must be Loyal to our family, our friends and our God.  Doing this will give you much fulfillment.

Now this topic begs the question of each of us.  How loyal are you?

  • Do we doubt God’s sovereignty during adversity, or do you draw nearer to Him?
  • Do we speak well of our authorities even during difficult times, or do you murmur and complain?
  • Do we protect our family even when circumstances make it difficult?
  • Do we treat others as we would want to be treated?
  • Are we committed to the success of those that we have been called to serve?
  • Are we willing to lay down our life for your family and friends?
  • Are we committed to our covenant of marriage, regardless of the cost?

Tomorrow we will consider the word THINK ~ “What a Concept!”

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